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CycleTracer: Keyless. Connected. Secure.

In the US alone, consumers spend over a $30 million a year on bike locks. Still – millions of bikes are stolen around the world. Current locks can easily be picked open. Keys often break and get stuck in the lock or get lost all together. What if there was no key hole? That’s where we come in. CycleTracer provides a bike lock that has no key.

Easily unlock your bike with your cell phone.

The cell connection allows you to easily find your bike later.

Through sturdier mechanical design, CycleTracer provides a more secure bike lock.

To learn more check out our webpage:

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Todd Warren
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Created On: 10/12/2012 11:38:27

neat idea; clear problem and target. big question is initial market, and pricing for components; i.e. what is the bill of materials for the device; what will people spend


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