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  Tahsin Ali


Describe of the value proposition 
Neem will make it radically easy to manage one’s diet.

Currently, the market is served by smartphone apps such as Myfitnesspal, Livestrong, Calorie Counter, and Restaurant Nutrition etc. that allow user to view nutritional and calorie composition of consumed foods against set targets. However, all of these apps require manual logging of the food consumed each time a food is consumed, which is painful! Manual data entry of different food we eat turns off most of us, except perhaps the extremely committed weight watchers.

Neem would solve the problem by taking all the data capture behind the scenes. It will access user’s food purchase history by interfacing with a restaurant or supermarket POS (point of sale) systems or optionally through a receipt-scanning device. All you the user would have to do is, well nothing! The foods you ate at a restaurant or purchased at a supermarket will be automatically logged into your personal diet dashboard, replete with all the insights, recommendations and incentives you'd need to eat a balanced diet!

Additionally, to track dining at home, Neem will also offer a new SmartCutting board for kitchen with a smartphone dock. The mounted smartphone’s camera will be used to automatically identify and log all food ingredients placed on the cutting board before cooking.

By making diet management extremely convenient, Neem aims to expand the market from highly committed weight watchers to a larger segment of people who generally care about health and fitness!

If you would like to get involved either as part of the team or as a target user available for prototype testing, please leave a message on this page.

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Created On: 10/01/2012 05:16:33

Great thought...)
Feedback from Neem: Thanks Dimanshu, do keep checking in for updates!


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