Welcome to registration! We're excited for you to join us on this brand new adventure. You'll be filling out two profiles: one for yourself, your skills, and your experience, and another to describe the company you want to build over the course of the competition. Both profiles must be complete by October 5th at midnight for you to be considered for the competition.

Make sure to fill out all of the fields in full because the public will want to know a little bit more about you before they give you their votes. We'll also be using this information throughout the competition so companies can identify the individuals they want on their teams.

First, upload a profile picture; if you can't decide which one you want to use, you'll be able to connect your profile to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn after registration is complete. Our system will automatically pull a picture for you.

Next, give us your name, the email you want to use as your login and primary contact, and finally, a password. You'll need another email address for your company profile, so choose wisely.

Now's your time to tell a story. We want to know why you are super cool and the reason you would be a good person to run a company or contribute to a team. Do you have 15 years of programming experience? Maybe you've already won a few innovation competitions. It's possible that you are really proud that you can lick your elbow. Tell us whatever you think might make us want to work with you or trust you with our money.

The next field asks whether you are interested in being considered for NUvention Web or not. If you would like to do NUvention Web, you should have a digital startup idea, otherwise you should register as other.

Since that's out of the way, let us know whether you want to be in the competition to launch a company or just to have fun and learn something cool. Don't worry about this affecting your chances of getting in the competition; this field is here so that teams who are really intense about launching a company don't end up recruiting someone who will retire once the competition is over. We've seen some unfortunate outcomes when we mix the two, so try to be honest and let's keep it homogenous up in here.

The next field is for you to identify what type of team member you feel most comfortable being. Are you ready to code for 10 hours straight and build an app, or would you rather be out in the field talking to users and learning what they really care about? We're not trying to pigeonhole you. We just want to help smooth the recruiting process once we're in the Incinerator.

Last part of this profile! If you like, put a 30-60 second video on youtube and BROADCAST YOURSELF!!! Get it? It's their slogan. This is another tool you can use to show people how excited you are about your idea, or the competition, or the sweet stuff you're going to learn! The end goal is to make people want to vote for YOU.

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