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Describe of the value proposition 
What is more complex and stressful than planning a wedding? Nothing. It is a time intensive process that involves researching online and calling multiple vendors to check on availability, price, details, as well as reading reviews and looking at endless photos. Why should consumers spend their valuable time doing this only to find that the venue or service is not available or too expensive?

Wedever is like a Kayak for wedding planning. It is a one stop shop to find all the venues, photographers, florists, and caterers that will help users plan their dream wedding. It cleanly displays details such as price, availability, photos, and reviews in an easy format and allows the user to book appointments and make reservations. It is a tool to make wedding planning easier and more transparent so that the users can spend their time on more fun things, like honeymoon planning. Currently, top wedding sites such as and do not offer this functionality. With 2.5 million weddings per year creating a $40 billion industry, Wedever has a huge opportunity to disrupt wedding planning and help people find Wedever they want, whenever they want it.

Value proposition to the consumers (planners):
•Narrows down their search at the front end rather than finding the place of their
dream only to realize its not available or too expensive
•Ability to find a date where venues and services are available to help narrow down what date they are looking for.
•Ability to book appointments online and make reservations
•Avoids dealing with playing phone tag with vendors.

Value proposition to vendors:
•Saves employee’s time by filtering people that should not be calling due to price or availability
•Offers a web platform to better manage reservations and appointments
•Ability to offer deals on days that are less often booked to fill in vacancies.

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