Mercy Cards 

Mercy Cards

  Phoebe Liu
  Kamil Brozek
  Guy Assedou
  Regnar Paaske
  Jed JohnHope


Describe of the value proposition 
Do handouts benefit the homeless? This is a much debated question that most people struggle with every time they are asked for change. Nonetheless, most people eventually relent – evidenced by the fact that the average panhandler makes approximately $20 per day. However, even when individuals give, the main reservation that one has is that once we are relieved of our cash, there is no way to ensure responsible use of those funds.

Mercy Cards is an innovative electronic debit card (utilizing the Visa, Master Card, or similar network) where one can electronically donate money to the homeless and ensure that the funds are used responsibly.

Market Size
The United States’ homeless population is approximately 650,000 people and generates roughly $5 billion per year in cash. As the world continues to migrate towards electronic payment options (and consequently carrying less cash) we have less “change” available to donate to panhandlers, thereby threatening the livelihood of the homeless population.

Mercy Card will transform the way that the world gives to homeless people by:
1. Ensuring responsible use of funds. A major concern for every donor is responsible use of the funds. By creating a credit card for the homeless population, we can easily create a system with safeguards to prevent against illicit use. The card will only be accepted at quick service restaurants and will automatically block transactions at liquors stores or other unsavory establishments.
2. Bringing donations to panhandlers into the 21st century. People are carrying less cash than they did 20 years ago and as a result are donating less to the homeless. We want to help individuals who want to give to the homeless, but honestly “do not have change”.
3. Pooling resources. By donating to a community pool of funds, donors will have the ability to donate to all homeless people in the community evenly.

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