Lesson Learned 

Lesson Learned

  Richard Donahue
  Johnathan Strott


Describe of the value proposition 
Lesson Learned will allow educators from across the nation to collaborate in order to teach their students more effectively and more efficiently.

In the past few years, 45 of the 50 states have adopted the Common Core State Standards, providing common guiding educational standards for nearly all of the students in our nation's public education system. Considering that in 2009, there were nearly 7.2 million teachers employed in the United States, this means that we now have over 6 million teachers that will be teaching curriculum based on the same standards throughout the country. Lesson Learned seeks to provide a digital collaborative exchange through which teachers can share teaching resources. Teachers will be able to search for lesson plans based on which Common Core Standard they are teaching, rate the lesson plans that they have tried, adapt those that need it, and easily calendar out entire units and years all from one online program.

The goal of Lesson Learned is to streamline the planning process for teachers by utilizing the effective tools that other teachers have already created. Teachers will be able to teach only the most effective lessons and do so with the least amount of time spent planning. This will allow their time to be focused on what is most important: the differing needs of all of their students.

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