9:00 AM (Coon and Ford) - Third round judging on product validation and next steps; one eighth of the ideas remain and teams reorganize one last time.
11:30 AM (Coon Forum)  - Pitching Lecture from SquarePlanet. What information do venture capitalists and angels look for in a pitch? How can you sell your idea and, more importantly, how can you sell your team?
12 pm - Lunch provided by Cheesie's!
3 pm (Anywhere) - Nearly sink-or-swim time for those looking for a weekend launch.
6 pm (Coon Forum) – Presentations by each team. This should be polished. What’s your idea? What worked? What didn’t? What could be better? How are you going to get there? More Importantly… ARE YOU LAUNCHING? Angels, mentors, and sponsors will be present to consider your idea. Maybe you will get funded!
8 pm (Coon Forum) – Close; Judges give feedback and evaluation. Teams are ranked and recognized for achievement, and may receive awards depending on sponsorship.
8pm-10pm (Tommy Nevin's Pub) - Reception and meet and greet.
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